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Dreaming Big, but Feeling Overwhelmed?

Planning an African adventure is exciting but can be daunting. From selecting the best safari lodges to understanding local customs, the details are endless. And let’s not even get started on the logistical nightmares!

The Stakes are High

Imagine the excitement turning into disappointment as you find yourself on a dull package tour more convenient for mainstream travel agencies than for you. Without someone who knows the lay of the land, your dreams of an authentic African experience will never be realised. It’s not just about missing out; it’s about walking away knowing you could have had so much more.

The Grown-Up Travel Company: Your Gateway to a True African Adventure

With over three decades of experience travelling and living in Africa and a vast network of industry contacts, I do more than just plan itineraries. I create unique and transformative journeys tailored to your spirit of adventure and desire for the extraordinary.

Ready for the unforgettable?

What's In It for You?

Disconnect from the Noise

Swap the screen and the constant buzz for an environment where relaxation isn't just encouraged; it's inevitable.

Embrace the Wild

From awe-inspiring sunsets to majestic animals in their natural habitats, every moment is a revelation of Africa's untamed beauty.

Reconnect to the Essence

Deepen bonds or relish solitude—my itineraries offer the freedom to truly connect, making each moment meaningful.

Client Testimonials

"Everything exceeded all our expectations. Just wanted to let you know we really, really loved this safari. Everything went really smooth thanks to you. Many people ask how we got this trip together, and recommend you to all that ask."
- Hilde and Rune, Norway
"We would never have been able to find such a unique variety of countries, places and experiences ourselves, and are deeply grateful that Andy made our African dream a reality. Thank you so much, Andy – we will never forget this!"
Ellen and Jenny, Norway
"We always found Andy to be readily available, very friendly, adaptive to our needs and proactive. We had an adventure that will never be forgotten travelling through Botswana and we can really recommend those considering it to make it a reality!"
Morten Kind Gulbrandsen, Norway

Discover Africa Your Way through 21 Distinctive Travel Styles

Whether it’s the thrill of a safari, the richness of cultural celebrations, or the calm of beach retreats, these travel styles encapsulate a diverse array of African experiences, creating a journey as unique as you.

Mix and match different styles or immerse yourself in a singular experience; the choice is yours. These travel styles serve as both inspiration and the foundation for your personalized adventure.

Uncover Africa’s Essence through 15+ Remarkable Destinations

Embark on a journey to Africa’s pristine wildlife havens like the Maasai Mara and Hwange National Park, explore the ancient mysteries of Great Zimbabwe, or bask in the sun on the serene beaches of Zanzibar.

Each destination unfolds a unique narrative of Africa, offering a blend of natural beauty, ancient heritage, and vibrant cultures.

Whether you’re drawn to the majestic landscapes of Victoria Falls or the bustling life of Cape Town, the destinations are as diverse as your imagination.

I don’t just plan trips, I craft life-changing journeys tailored to your unique spirit of adventure and desire for the extraordinary.

With over 30 years of experience in Africa  and a vast network of local insider contacts, I open doors to exclusive encounters and transform travel into a conduit for good.

Now let’s get planning to make your dream a reality…

In order to get the ball rolling, provide as much detail as you can on this form so that I can begin to look at options. Or just add your contact information – either way I’ll get back to you and we can discuss some ideas; on the phone, via email, Skype, Zoom, Facebook Messenger – whatever suits you. And with no obligations, of course

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Subscribe for help and advice on planning an adventure you will never forget, starting with this free guide. Unsubscribe with 1 click at any time.

Get your comprehensive free guide to planning the trip of a lifetime

Subscribe for help and advice on planning an adventure you will never forget, starting with my free 40+ page guide to planning your African adventure. Unsubscribe with 1 click at any time.