Small Group Tours

Accommodated Small Group Tours

I’ve carefully chosen the best accommodated small group tours in Africa, focusing on quality, value, and rich experiences. These journeys offer a blend of adventure and comfort, staying in cosy accommodations that reflect Africa’s spirit.

Experience the Adventure: Join like-minded travellers and explore Africa’s stunning landscapes, from savannahs to mountains. These tours reveal the continent’s incredible story, fostering a sense of community and shared discovery.

Shared Journeys: Connect with fellow explorers, creating unforgettable memories. Each tour is a journey of camaraderie, where wildlife sightings and nature’s beauty are shared experiences.

Scheduled Departures: Enjoy the intimacy of small groups with fixed dates, creating a friendly and personal adventure atmosphere.

Comfort in the Wilderness: Relax each night in selected lodges and camps, blending the thrill of wilderness with the comfort of home.

Camping Small Group Tours

I also offer the most captivating camping tours run by my trusted partners.

Experience the raw, untamed beauty of Africa with these specially curated camping tours, bringing you closer to nature.

Immersive Adventures:  Discover Africa’s majestic terrain, where each day is a new adventure and each night is spent in the heart of the wild.

Shared Experiences: Travel in small groups, fostering friendships and shared moments, from sunrise to campfire stories.

Into the Wild: Well-equipped campsites offer an authentic wilderness experience, with the necessary comforts for a pleasant stay.

Beneath the African Sky: End each day under Africa’s vast night sky, embracing the tranquillity and magic of the bush.

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Join Me in Zimbabwe in May 2025!

A unique adventure through Africa’s untamed beauty in May 2025. On this 9-night itinerary we will start with a stay in Victoria Falls and then explore two world-renowned areas of wonderful Zimbabwe: Hwange National Park and Lake Kariba.

Staying at two legendary camps, Bomani and Musango, we will get to experience the thrill of the wilderness in two very different ways.

“This small-group safari, limited to just six guests, is designed to ensure a truly immersive adventure for those with limited time but very high expectations.” – Andy Higgs

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