Custom-Built Adventures: Travel Themes

Welcome to a world where your African safari dreams become reality. With a Custom-built Adventure, experience the thrill of a tailored safari, far from the crowded hotspots, where the beauty of Africa is explored in a style that’s uniquely yours. 

Each travel theme offers a different facet of this magnificent continent, and you have the freedom to blend them into one seamless, unforgettable journey. Explore a range of themes, from the untamed wilderness to cultural riches and serene beaches.

Mix and match to create an adventure that resonates with your spirit of exploration. A personalized adventure allows you to discover Africa’s abundant wildlife and stunning scenic diversity. Expert guides share their deep knowledge of animal behaviours and ecosystems, ensuring an immersive experience. 

Beyond game drives, set off on unique adventures like trekking rainforests or climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Custom-built Adventures are bespoke journeys tailored to match your interests, style, and budget. With my expertise, insider access, and unmatched service, I create safaris as unique as you are. 

Authentic, sustainable activities ensure an experience that captures Africa’s true essence.

Trade the trials of travel for the tranquil shores of Africa’s idyllic Coastal Escapes, where tranquillity meets adventure.

Choose from a range of experiences, from relaxing on unspoiled shores to engaging in exhilarating ocean adventures.

Each experience offers an escape to intimate seaside lodges, promising rejuvenation and return home with a sense of renewal and lasting peace from your blissful coastal getaway.

Dive into Africa’s diverse culture with our Cultural and Educational Experiences, where each journey is an opportunity for profound connection and learning.

Engage deeply with local communities through intimate interactions and transformative exchange, or gain unique insights into Africa’s vibrant culture through educational trips.

These immersive experiences are designed for those seeking to deepen their understanding and appreciation of Africa’s rich heritage and natural beauty.

Extraordinary African journeys that push beyond the boundaries of ordinary travel. Journey Without Maps takes you off the tourist trail for transformational encounters and local immersion.

The Open Road Odyssey traverses Africa’s beauty via a customizable self-drive route.

Make your wild dream a reality and explore Africa’s hidden corners.

Join Me in Zimbabwe in May 2025!

A unique adventure through Africa’s untamed beauty in May 2025. On this 9-night itinerary we will start with a stay in Victoria Falls and then explore two world-renowned areas of wonderful Zimbabwe: Hwange National Park and Lake Kariba.

Staying at two legendary camps, Bomani and Musango, we will get to experience the thrill of the wilderness in two very different ways.

“This small-group safari, limited to just six guests, is designed to ensure a truly immersive adventure for those with limited time but very high expectations.” – Andy Higgs

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