Ethiopia: Historic Treasures, Natural Wonders

Ethiopia dazzles visitors with ancient historic sites, rich cultural traditions, and dramatic diverse landscapes. Walk in the footsteps of civilizations that date back over 3,000 years. Discover richly decorated rock-hewn churches carved down into the ground in Lalibela and stand in awe before the rock obelisks at Axum, where evidence of early Christianity has been found. The country’s breathtaking topography encompasses mountains, Great Rift Valley lakes, and the lush Bale Mountains National Park, home to unique wildlife like Ethiopian wolves. Whether uncovering ancient mysteries or exploring stunning natural beauty, Ethiopia promises adventure.

Top destinations include Lalibela with its iconic churches, Gondar known as Africa’s Camelot for its castles, and volcanic Lake Tana, source of the Blue Nile. Foodies flock to Addis Ababa’s culinary scene while trekkers head north to the awe-inspiring Simien Mountains.

Pleasant weather between October and May makes for ideal visiting conditions with less rain. June to September bring heavy rains and make travel more challenging, though hotel rates drop during this low season.

Cultural encounters rank among Ethiopia’s highlights. Learn about vibrant coffee traditions, see woven garments spun from cotton and wool, and browse bustling markets full of handmade crafts. Traditional Tigray houses cut dramatically into rocky cliffs. Fasil Ghebbi’s medieval castles evoke Ethiopia’s storied past.

From guest houses to luxury lodges, Ethiopia offers fabulous accommodations. Stay in a historic property like Limalimo Lodge perched on the edge of the Simien Mountains or book a room at the Sheraton Addis, the capital’s premier hotel with an on-site museum displaying Lucy, a famous early hominid fossil.

For wildlife, head to Bale Mountains National Park to spot Ethiopian wolves and trek through Afro-alpine moorlands. Awash and Nechisar National Parks deliver spectacular birdwatching. Guided hikes through the Simien Mountains reveal endemic gelada baboons and rare ibexes. Ethiopia’s natural beauty constantly amazes.

Join Me in Zimbabwe in May 2025!

A unique adventure through Africa’s untamed beauty in May 2025. On this 9-night itinerary we will start with a stay in Victoria Falls and then explore two world-renowned areas of wonderful Zimbabwe: Hwange National Park and Lake Kariba.

Staying at two legendary camps, Bomani and Musango, we will get to experience the thrill of the wilderness in two very different ways.

“This small-group safari, limited to just six guests, is designed to ensure a truly immersive adventure for those with limited time but very high expectations.” – Andy Higgs

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