4WD self-drive: The ultimate adventure in Africa

Our tours are split into different categories, ranging from small group travel to the full-on, 4WD self-drive experience where you are on your own against the elements. With the latter, you will of course have all the equipment you need, a full itinerary and emergency assistance.

Many people feel that hiring a 4WD vehicle and heading into the bush is a scary proposition, and we agree that it is not for everyone. Having said that, we provide instruction when you arrive and you might be surprised just many first-time visitors to Africa choose this option.

Over the next few weeks we will be talking more about experiencing the joys of safari with the freedom of your own wheels, and posting useful information, tips and inspiration in video form.

Here’s a look at a typical training session provided by one of our partners in Botswana and Zimbabwe, Travel Adventures Botswana:

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