Tanzania – Self-drive Bush to Beach – Classic

Tanzania – the land of Serengeti, Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar. But did you know, that the country has so much more to offer? Explore the hidden gems of Tanzania and experience the uncharted corners of one of Africa’s most exciting destinations. Far from the beaten tracks, you will find a Tanzania untouched by mass tourism. Discover the wildlife abundance of its national parks, the rich cultures of its people, charming remote villages and magnificent hideaways on Tanzania’s lakes and seaside. Self-driving in Tanzania will reward you with magical and surprising encounters at every turn. Choose your own path, move at your own pace and live the freedom and fun of a true road adventure!

Tanzania’s infrastructure has seen great improvements in recent years and road safety has dramatically increased. In places where GPS navigation will get you nowhere, we supply you with first-hand knowledge and expert road descriptions, so you won´t miss your destination. Most major roads are tarmac roads and most dirt roads are in a good condition.

Tanzanians are very friendly people and keen to help if someone needs assistance. Whether you want to explore some places off the main roads, looking for a nice place to take a break or are simply seeking directions – you will be surprised by the readiness of Tanzanians to help you out wherever they can. With our road manual you will get used to driving in Tanzania in no time.

Your safety is our number one priority. That is why we go the extra mile to make sure you are always safe and in the best hands if there is any emergency. You will always receive a safety briefing before you embark on your road adventure. Road side assistance and health services in Tanzania are not as readily available compared to other countries. That is why we are even more aware and prepared to help you in any case of an incident. Whenever you need, our 24/7 GPS surveillance system helps us coordinate help to your exact location. In addition, we partner with medical first response services like AMREF Flying Doctors and 1CallTanzania that go beyond the ordinary health support covered by your travel insurance. With us you can always be free and independent, but you are never left alone.

Our partner in Tanzania operates a fleet of reliable and tough 4×4 vehicles that will get you anywhere in the country. No matter if you drive on tarmac or on dirt roads in the national parks, our vehicles will take you to the most exciting places in Tanzania. All our vehicles are regularly maintained and serviced following a strict routine before and after every rental.  All cars come with basic tools and equipment enabling our clients to master every challenge that a self-drive adventure might have in store for you.


Day 1

On arrival at Kilimanjaro Airport, you will be met in the arrivals hall by our representative who will assist you with your luggage and bring you to your first accommodation in Moshi. After checking in at Mountain Inn you will have time to relax.


Day 2

After breakfast, you will receive your rental car and set off towards to your next destination, Karatu, where you will spend 3 nights. There is plenty to see and do in the area as well as relaxing at the lodge. For example, you can explore Lake Manyara National Park on your first day, which is dominated by the lake of the same name and home to an extraordinary biodiversity of flora and fauna.


Day 3

For optimal safari conditions, you should drive very early into the Ngorongoro Crater. Here you will find not only the highest predator density in Africa but also an enormous wealth of herd animals such as zebras, wildebeest, elephants and even hippos as well as the more solitary and rare rhinos. After a long game drive, you will leave the bottom of the crater and drive back to the lodge.


Day 4

Lake Eyasi is probably best known for being the home to the Hadza tribe (also known as the Watindiga or Wahadzabe), which lives in the bush around the northern parts of the lake. It is a tribe of hunters and collectors, which formerly inhabited the Serengeti but was forced away by stronger and more aggressive tribes. The Hadza live in traditional ways, hunting game such as dik-diks and collecting honey. If you want to go for a hunting day with the Hadaza you have to leave early in the morning. Spend the day with the tribe and learn everything about their culture.


Day 5

Today you will be driving towards to your lodge located in the Tarangire National Park. You can either do an game drive en route in Lake Manyara NP (if skipped on day 1) or two days of game drives in Tarangire. A conservation levy will need to be paid at the gate entrance when you arrive.


Day 6

The next morning you will head into the Tarangire National Park and enjoy a self-drive through the park. You will certainly see many elephants – here the pachyderms are omnipresent. But even the very shy wild cats can be seen here quite often.


Day 7

Today you will be driving North towards Arusha to your lodge located close to the Arusha National Park. You can stop for sightseeing along the way as an alternative to a game drive.


Day 8

The journey continues east to the Usambara Mountains. Explore the charming town of Lushoto, once a health resort in German colonial times. The inhabitants of Lushoto are known nationwide for their warmth and friendliness, so it will be easy to get in touch with the local people.


Day 9


Day 10

Leaving the Usambara Mountains area you will start to journey towards the coast of Tanzania.
Here you can snorkel or dive in crystal clear waters with turtles and zebra fish, pass coral, sea urchins and starfish. Enjoy the soothing calm of the sea while fishing or on a boat trip as well as kayaking, windsurfing or scuba diving. Depending on the season you can observe sea turtles hatching.


Day 11


Day 12

This morning you will begin the next leg of your journey towards the small coastal town of Bagamoyo. The city was once a colonial capital, but later lost importance with the rapid growth of Dar es Salaam. Today you can feel the Swahili flair of the coast here in a relaxed environment and take a historical tour of the ancient trading port of Bagamoyo and the main coast, or wander down the spit exploring the flora and fauna of the mangrove forest.


Day 13


Day 14

Enjoy a leisurely breakfast this morning before you check out of your room and drive to Dar-es-Salaam Airport where you will return your vehicle before check-in. All good things must come to an end but your memories of this holiday will last a lifetime!


Accommodation as listed

Rental Car

Comprehensive car Insurance

Emergency Hotline

Detailed Roadbook

Phone with local SIM card

Spare tyre, car jack, triangle, fire extinguisher, tow rope, jump cables

First Aid Box



National park fees

Admission fees


Excess reduction