Royal Natal National Park

The Royal Natal National Park is home to one of KwaZulu-Natal's most spectacular attractions – The Amphitheatre. Forming the boundary between South Africa and Lesotho, The Amphitheatre is a striking escarpment topped by a flat plateau. The Tugela Falls plunge over the edge of the escarpment, plummeting down approximately 1000 metres to the Royal Natal National Park below. A fantastic network of hiking trails meander through every part of the park, and range in difficulty from the leisurely Fairy Glen walk to the challenging hike up the Crack and down the Mudslide. Horse riding is another popular activity, as well as trout fishing in the dam, Mahai and Thukela rivers. There are many picturesque spots perfect for picnicking and swimming. There are also guided climbs against the dramatic rock faces available.

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