Tsaranoro Valley

Neighbouring the Andringitra National Park in southern Madagascar, the Tsaranoro Valley is best known for its excellent rock climbing routes and its spectacularly scenic hiking trails. Climbers flock to the valley from all corners of the globe for a chance to traverse the impressive rock walls. Nature lovers can look forward to immersing themselves in the breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, while thrill seekers can look forward to more adrenaline-filled activities such as base jumping and paragliding. The mostly arid valley is dotted with mango trees, open savanna and tropical dry forest meeting the rugged granite walls of the Tsaranoro Massif reaching up to 800 metres in height. Visitors can also look forward to exceptionally scenic day treks, overnight multi-day hiking trails and spotting endemic wildlife such as ring-tailed lemurs and various other species of chameleon, lizard and falcon.

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Tsara Camp

Nestled in the Tsaranoro Valley and close to the Andringitra National Park, Tsara Camp provides the ideal location for exploring the attractions and activities in…

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