Located in eastern Madagascar in the Moramanga District, the small village of Andasibe is surrounded by a belt of protected rainforest and several parks boasting incredible natural scenery and an array of exotic Madagascan wildlife. It serves as an excellent base from which to explore the spectacularly scenic surrounds. Visitors can look forward to discovering the natural wonders of the nearby Andasibe-Mantadia National Park, Analamazaotra Reserve and Perinet Special Reserve. Don't miss the opportunity to hear the unique song of the large indri lemur, explore a network of incredible trails that wind passed glistening lakes and magnificent waterfalls and discover the rich biodiversity in the local flora and fauna.

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Vakona Forest Lodge

Escape to a tropical lush forest location in Andasibe, Madagascar, which offers visitors a wonderful encounter with nature. Located a few kilometres from the village…

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