Situated on the banks of the Khwai River near the famous Okavango swamp, the village of Khwai is set in the North-West District of Botswana. The village fringes the magnificent Moremi Game Reserve which is known for its incredible array of wildlife. It serves as a gateway to the reserve as it is set just outside the North Gate. of Moremi. Khwai provides an excellent base from which to explore the spectacularly scenic surrounding area. It is to be home to some of Botswana's most beautiful landscapes which feature vast grass plains, a patchwork of lagoons, shallow pans and lush woodland forests. Visitor can look forward to spotting a fantastic variety of wildlife, learning about the San community and enjoying a wide selection of ecotourism activities. Commonly spotted wildlife species include: lion, leopard, elephant, cheetah, hippo, wild dog and buffalo.

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