Located along Africa’s beautiful western coast, Angola is a country known for its abundant natural resources, colonial architecture and its winding serpentine mountain pass, Serra da Leba. Angola’s post-civil war tourism potential is slowly emerging, and most visitors are limited to the adventurous 4×4 enthusiasts. Visitors who have the opportunity to explore this spectacular country will be rewarded with unspoilt landscapes and magnificent natural features such as the Kalandula waterfalls, the bizarre rock formations at Pungo Andongo and the magnificent orange sands of the northern Namib Desert. The prosperous oil-rich capital of Luanda boasts modern skyscrapers, a palm-lined promenade and stately government buildings. Visitors can enjoy a ride on the Benguela Railway, which winds through the scenic countryside; visit Mussulo Island, a peninsula renowned for its beauty; and explore the scattered remnants of Portuguese colonial history.

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Electricity in Angola is 220V, with a frequency of 50hz. The Type C electrical plug (or Europlug) is used. Type C is a two-wire plug that has two…

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CurrencyThe New Angolan Kwanza (KZ) is the currency used in Angola. It’s split into 100 cêntimos and is issued and managed by the Banco Nacional de…

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While food hygiene standards in most higher end restaurants and hotels are relatively high, care should be taken with hygiene and food, particularly street…

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Angola is located in the equatorial tropical region but its climate is tempered by altitude and sea. The weather is cooler and wetter in the southern part…

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Transport and driving in Angola are some of the most challenging aspects of visiting the country. Much of the road infrastructure was destroyed and neglected…

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Winter is from April to September in Angola. It can get cool in the evenings in winter, so bring lightweight warm clothes. If you’re visiting in summer…

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