Ugab Terrace Lodge

Ugab Terrace Lodge is set deep in the heart of a rare and untouched mystery situated within Namibia’s famous tourist attractions. The lodge provides a unique African experience with friendly staff and delicious cuisine that will make visitors feel at home. Indulge in the breathtaking view while enjoying a refreshing drink and overwhelming experiences of bathing in a splash pool constructed in the natural rocks at the top of the mountain surrounded by unspoilt valleys and bush.Book an adventure tour such as a guided walk in nature to experience the lustrous vegetation, a thrill ride on the 15th longest zip line in the world, a nature drive to the historical Vinger klip and much more. Ugab Terrace Lodge's accommodation comprises of 16 chalets set in a semi-circle on the edge of the mountain with a panoramic view over open valleys and the ancient terraces formed by water corrosion millions of years ago. There's also a restaurant and bar overlooking the Rock Vinger and beautiful Ugab Terraces valley.


Standard Twin Room

Overlooking the Ugab River Valley, the Chalet includes two ¾ beds for two adults per chalet but for minor children we have additional arrangements.

Camp Site

Stand alone camp sites with a BBQ and wash basin. An ablution block with 3 separate bathrooms (Shower, WC & wash basin) and a boiler for warm water. No Power