Shu’Mata Camp

Situated directly under the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro, this luxurious and rugged retreat is one of the best ways to experience the allure of Africa. A permanent camp comprised of a handful of Hemingway style tents, the installation is situated on a hill in the Masai tribal lands in Amboselli National Park. A stunning landscape of contrasts and stark beauty, the tents were designed and positioned to capture it all with 360 degree views of the savannah and Kilimanjaro. Positioned in a line along the ridge, there are a total of seven tents that form the unique and adventurous compound.  A great homage to the legendary 1920s safari spirit, this is a passionate venture that incorporates the design talents of local artists and villagers and was inspired by the history and the owners’ love of Africa. Each of the seven tents is self contained and include a shower, toilet, basin and private veranda with room for four. With a sophisticated approach to a traditional safari camp, the interiors and decor have all been designed as a tribute to the bygone era and are chic and colorful.The kitchen serves freshly prepared international cuisine at an elegant dining table or on the terrace with panoramic views of Kilimanjaro. 


Luxury Tent

Our safari camp is a homage to the old Hemingway style. In the center of the traditional Maasai country of South Amboseli we will experience the romantic sunset ambiance of a region characterized by its huge elephant herds. This is not a national park but archaic tribal country where Africa’s wildlife peacefully coexists with the cattle and goats of the Maasai. A surviving remnant of the African paradise!Seven comfortable safari tents all equipped with their own ensuite bathrooms with flushing toilet and open air shower with running water. Each tent has traditional beds and storage space.Each tent has its own veranda with classical safari chairs.At night guest are lured by an open fire at the main tent to experience a romantic safari atmosphere and tales of adventure.



Hatari Lodge and Shu'mata Camp

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